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What you Get with Vocal X


Access to two high-performance and intense cross-training vocal workouts each week that can be streamed from any smart device.

You choose which two days a week you want to train.

Each 30 to 40 minute workout targets different muscle groups and vocal techniques to help increase your overall vocal performance abilities.

Vocal X offers four training levels:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.

Each training level lasts 90 days with eight 30 to 40 minute workouts each month.

Access your workouts anywhere at any time.


Bonus feature:  All vocal workout audio tracks are available to stream using any Bluetooth device. All vocal exercise audio tracks are fully produced with music, making the vocal warmups and exercises fun and exciting.


As a student of Vocal X, you will also receive weekly tips and education on vocal performance health and overall wellness.  #VocalHacks.  These tips are for Vocal X students only and are provided by industry professionals and coaches with years of experience.

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