How Vocal X Works

Once you sign up for Vocal X, log in to your account and click on “Training Videos”.  There are four training levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.  Each level has eight A-Day and eight B-Day workouts, totaling approximately 30 to 40 minutes of complete vocal and physical workouts for each A-Day and B-Day sessions.  Choose one day a week to do the eight A-Day exercises.  Vocal rest for a couple of days, then choose one day that same week to do the eight B-Day exercises.

It is highly recommended to do the same A-Day and B-Day workouts for 90 days straight with each level before moving on to the next level.  Each level is designed to be a progressive 90-day cross-training program.  Start with the Beginner Level.  Once you have completed A-Day and B-Day workouts twice a week for 90 days, then move to the next level.  Repeat this schedule with each level for 90 days throughout the full 12-month training program.


In order to hear and see the workout videos, it is recommended you stream the video to a smart device, then connect the sound to a Bluetooth device.  That way your workouts will be hands-free and you can hear yourself at the same time.

Example (for each level for 90 days):

  • Monday:  A-Day workout
  • Tuesday:  vocal rest
  • Wednesday:  vocal rest
  • Thursday:  B-Day workout
  • Friday:  vocal rest
  • Saturday:  vocal rest
  • Sunday:  vocal rest