Our Story

For decades, singers have been training with vocal coaches, hoping to improve their singing abilities. A typical voice lesson would consist of the voice coach playing vocal scales and teaching specific warm-ups and techniques to help strengthen the vocal chords.  Although voice lessons can be very beneficial, there is so much more to vocal performance, health and development.

A crucial step to becoming the best vocal performing artist possible is developing all  the proper muscle groups needed to help support the voice and build vocal endurance, strength, stamina, power, tone quality and vocal range.  When athletes train, they don’t just train one specific muscle group. It is whole-body physical health and muscle development that makes the difference in their overall athletic ability.  The same concept applies with vocal performance development.  When you develop the proper muscle groups that provide necessary support for your vocal chords, you help prevent strain, vocal fatigue and the damage that can happen over time.

Vocal X is the world’s first full-body cross-training program for singers.  With each workout, it simultaneously combines the most effective physical and vocal exercises and techniques.  This forces the body to develop and use the proper muscle groups, which then targets the necessary areas for optimal vocal performance.  Vocal X will help you develop muscle memory and increase your overall power, range, stamina, control and endurance.  Vocal X is the proper development to preserve your passion and to become the best at what you do best.  Take your training to the next level now with Vocal X.